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Welcome to

Landlocked Watercraft Club!

This group was established to create a place for fellow PWC owners who are not close enough to ride the Alabama coastline or are on the coast but would like to ride new spots around the state.



Almost or entirely surrounded by land;

having no coastline or seaport.


(of a lake)

Enclosed by land and having no navigable route to the sea.


What we are looking for...

  • Celebrating a Holiday on the Lake! - We have plenty of Spring, Summer and Fall Holidays people may want to go out on the lake with the group and celebrate.  

  • It may be your Birthday and you’re going to spend part or all of it on the water. Maybe we want to celebrate with you! 

  • Maybe you just want to have a BBQ on the lake and want everyone to beach, anchor, or dock their pic and eat and play on the water for the day. By now you should know what’s going to be said

  • Got a new Sea.Doo?

  • If you have any riding tips like.

  • Plan day rides - We’d love to go riding with you and your friends and family from your area and see you neck of the woods and where you like to go riding. A lot of us are only familiar with our closest lake and or river but want to explore more areas. Heres our chance!

  • Plan Fishing trips / contest amongst each other. - Just like day trips there are some who may want to go fishing and see who can bring in the biggest catch or just go fishing all together for the day. Plan a trip or competition. 


Share any type of info stated above on our Facebook Page and it will be added on here and on the Page.  

Tips and Tricks Lakes & River Edition


> How to get through the locks at your riding spot.

>Best place to launch from.

>Things to be careful of. (Dangerous or Venomous Animals)

>Best place to fuel up.

>Emergency numbers for the area.

>And places to stop and rest or explore.


With all this information floating around we ask that you either post it to our Landlocked Facebook page or send us a Facebook message. We ask this of you so that we can have a catalog of info, things to do, or when people just want to go to a new place and ride and be able to go with some knowledge and background of the area. So visit the Landlocked Facebook page to send any helpful information to us so that we can share it amongst the group page and website for others.


So by now you get the gist of what we are looking for. We want to go riding as much as we can! So let’s have some fun! 



  2. Don't be an ass. If you are then good bye. That simple

  3. Don't post anything possibly offensive to others. If you have to think about posting it then just don't do it. Simple!

  4. Follow all rules, laws, and signs of the lake and or river. We don’t want to be kicked off a lake as a group for one person being dumb and most importantly we are not responsible for any law that you break personally on the lake. Sorry not sorry but you’re on your own unless your friend(s) want to help you. But that’s your issue not Landlocked Watercraft Club or MDV LLC or anyone apart of the group not associated with your personal association.

  5. CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF!!!!! OR I WILL KICK YOU FROM THE GROUP PERSONALLY. Yeah we want to have a good time. Cook, have a beer, fish, ride Sea.Doo’s and celebrate big days too but we can’t be messy with what we are doing. If you drop something just pick it up and put it in the trash. If I have to I'll get more trash can than we have Sea.Doos! If you see me looking at the water circling around 9/10 I saw trash.

  6. No Fighting. Enough said. We are adults and can act like it.

  7. If we find out you are disrespect to anyone shape, colorer, handicap you’re GONE!! I was raised to treat a homeless man with the same amount of respect I’d show any president. And if you join this group or go on a ride with this group you will to.

  8. Always check the rules before an Event or meet up. I'm sure as time goes on there will be things I'll have to add but I hope not!! The End!


Thank you for Joining the Landlocked Watercraft Club!

Have a good time be respectful and I hope to meet up with you all on the water!

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