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The MDV Vehicles 


There are alot of off road vehicles out there that MDV would like to build accessories for...and over time we will! But before we came across the two featured vehicles below MDV has to pay respect to its beginning . MDVs journey began with a 2 door Gold 2001 Ford Explorer Sport.  We will call it the LED test vehicle along with the beginning of what has become Explorer Mount Pro (Now you see where I get the name from) and also the beginning of the LED Cabin Rack . Next came the  Gold 4 door 2006 Ford Explorer XLT. That vehicle was first to be fitted with project Guard V.1.   But for now we selected two vehicles from the same family and style that are well known for their reliability, longevity and stock features  as well as easy of customization of said vehicles.  

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17' Tacoma


Guard & Bull Guard  V.2

(EMP) Explorer Mount Pro+ V.1

(LCR) LED Cabin Rack V.1

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