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Meaning Behind The Name

In 2011 C-R&D (Customized Research & Development) was created as a way to build a foundation for a future business, experiment, learn valuable lessons, and to help close friends of mine get aftermarket car audio systems installed into their cars and trucks for a cheaper price. As time went on I decided to revisit an old idea of mine which has come to be known as project Guard. My very first official invention, idea, and design I ever brought to life. As of today many people around the south have caught a glimpse of guard. But for the ones that have gotten up close and personal with Guard have loved everything about it! Guard is my baby and I'm glad I had the chance to learn and build it. As said before many few people have seen and are blown away at the design and the fact I built such a thing just from a dream. I'm proud to say that only I'm the only one with Guard as of now. But like me people who see things and are amazed by them will soon want one for themselves as has happened many times over. So I said it's time to make an official business. Not as C-R&D but under a new name. Something with a true story behind it. Something with a true meaning to me...

 As a kid I was gifted with LEGOs and Kne'x and still to this day I will play with both toys just to get ideas out of my head.  When I have kids later on I will live vicariously and teach them my ways. But it's more to just have a good reason to keep building and so my one day wife won't think I'm weird for playing with LEGOs. :)  But as I grew older my friends noticed how creative I was with those toys and also random objects. I'm so good at what I do that I temporarily fixed a Guy named Austin's battery door on a portable speaker with a thin cardboard box on the beach. From then on he called me MacGyver and the name stuck with me and my friends till this day. So I knew that had to be apart of the new business name because it's me, it's who I am, and what my friends know me as. When it came to the rest of the name I thought about a person who stood out to me the most for the similar struggles he and I faced in our journeys and what he has done. So when I was deciding the rest of the new business name I automatically knew I had to give some type of dedication to a well respected inventor. In High School I had a strong dislike for History, but one man that I learned about in history stood out to me the most and I will never forgot him for what he invented. That man is Leonardo Da Vinci. He stood out to me the most because he was a painter and inventor which both I like and do myself. But his inventions are what caught my attention and how they were so advanced for his time. So advanced they did not have the technology until recent centuries to build them. At that point I knew I had found my official business name with meaning and a story behind it.

I combined 

MacGyver & Da Vinci

to create 



 Owner /  founder

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