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MDV’s L.E.D. Cabin Rack (LCR) features four removable RGB LED cabin lights and two interchangeable front crowns.
Made to carry many future MDV off-road and overlanding accessories. Featuring two crossbars that can be single, double, or triple wide if needed for your equipment. 

Coming 2022

1 in. x 32 in. Crossbar 


2 in. x 32 in.  Crossbar

Coming 2022
Light pod crown

 8 Light pod mount

Light bar crown

Light Bar holder 


3 in. x 32 in. Crossbar 

Wind deflector crown
Light pod wind deflector crown
Light bar wind deflector crown

Holds 8 in  light pods 

Other Accessories
HAM Radio antenna mount

Quarter inch plate with hole for antenna to mount to.

Canoe Carrier

Single Canoe Carrier 

Fishing rod holder

Holds up to 4 fishing rods.

Coming 2022
Rear window shade

Rear window shader for rain and sun

Skateboard/ Dirt board Carrier

SIngle board carrier 

Tent mount 

Mounts for various styles of rooftop tents.

Sunroof Valance 

Shader for sunroof 

Ski Carrier

Ski & pole pair carrier 

Bed Ladder with Hand grab plate

Bed step ladder to roof rack.

Light pod / bar side mount 

Light bar rail mounts





PRO+ is MDV’s Line of accessories that features a constant 12v connection to keep your electronic devices powered and charged without having to turn your vehicle on and also keeps cables from hanging in they way of your radio or other controls inside your vehicle.

Bottom tip break light
Coming 2022
Courtesy lights 

Cross bar tip courtesy lights.

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